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Meet Doctor Castner

Servicing NW Washington DC area and surrounding suburbs.
Delaware Beaches from June 10th-Labor Day 2016

Dr. Castner graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine. After completing her internship at Georgetown University Hospital, she trained in Emergency Medicine at George Washington University Hospital.  As a mother of four, Dr. Castner soon recognized the importance of being a part of her children’s daily lives and the constraints of a conventional hospital based practice. With that in mind, she started her own business, A Doc at Your Door - a mobile medical practice that offers patients an alternative approach to obtaining health care for common illness.  It was through this practice, Dr. Castner discovered that it not only allowed her the flexibility in schedule she desired, but also the ability to really get to know her patients and understand their needs.  This appreciation of personalized medicine is what brought Dr. Castner to embrace new information and adapt her practice to include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and anti-aging medicine. She completed BHRT training with the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative in NYC and a preceptorship with Dr. Erika Schwartz, a leading expert in the field. 

Dr. Castner is dedicated to the belief that health and well-being can be optimized through optimal hormonal balance, using natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  As we age, both women and men experience a slow down in hormone production, which frequently results in hormonal imbalances.  The practice of anti-aging medicine, using BHRT, restores hormones back to more youthful levels and promotes improved health and wellness. By practicing personalized medicine, Dr. Castner is committed to aiding patients in living the best lives possible, free from the negative symptoms associated with aging.